Pat Anderson+Prof. Megan Davis

12 November 2020
Pat Anderson & Megan Davis

Uluru Statement from the Heart: an update

Professor Davis joins Pat Anderson in bringing to the Balmain Institute a recounting of the long tradition of Aboriginal activism leading to the Uluru Statement from the Heart, with an update of its current status, and take your questions.

About the speakers

Pat Anderson AO, is an Alyawarre women, who has a long and distinguished career as a champion for social justice and Constitutional recognition for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples. Her many accomplishments include being instrumental is promoting health services for First Nations peoples. She is currently Director of the Lowitja Health & Research Centre, and was formerly co-chair of the Referendum Council which facilitated 10 Regional discussions about forms of recognition desired by Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples.

MORE ABOUT Pat anderson

Megan Davis is a Cobble Cobble woman from the Barrungam Nation. She currently is the Pro-Vice Chancellor Indigenous, Professor & Belnaves Chair in Constitutional Law at UNSW. She is known for her scholarly articles and her activism in promoting the rights & recognition of First Nation people. Professor Davis was part of the Referendum Council canvassing First Nations peoples in the ten Regional Councils resulting in the Uluru Convention leading to the Uluru Statement from the Heart in 2017.