Asylum seekers

Frances Rush

14 July 2022

Asylum seekers: towards a better future

Frances will provide an overview of the work of the Asylum Seekers Centre, the challenges many people seeking asylum face and the opportunities that arise from the newly elected government.

There are currently thousands of people seeking asylum living in Australia, awaiting the outcome of their application for refugee recognition. While they wait, people seeking asylum usually have a temporary visa which in most cases allows them to work and access Medicare. They are excluded, however, from accessing income support from the Federal Government, and from accessing resources from many other state and federal agencies.
People seeking asylum are valuable members of our communities, workplaces and schools, and Australia would be much richer if they were treated equitably and enabled to contribute more.

About Frances Rush OAM

Since becoming CEO of the Asylum Seekers Centre in 2015, Frances Rush has ensured the continued stability and growth of the Centre. 
Frances has over thirty-five years of experience as a social worker in both the government and community sectors as well as a wealth of experience in advocacy and policy development. Her diverse public sector career includes senior executive roles with the NSW Department of Justice in Guardianship where she worked in advocacy and policy across government as well as the ageing and disability sectors. Prior to commencing with ASC Frances worked with the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses into Child Sexual Abuse.