August 8, 2019 Philip Bray

What are human rights and how does Australia’s performance stack up against its international human rights obligations?


Reflections on 50 ‘odd’ years of local politics & bookselling.

Philip Bray is well known as the proprietor of Brays Books and a champion of Independent Booksellers in NSW and VIC.

Books have changed the world and they change individual lives. Philip will reveal the four books which changed his life, brought him to Balmain and hence played a part in both changing and preserving Balmain and surrounding suburbs.

As Deputy Mayor for Leichhardt, Philip helped lead the movement for more open democracy and he has many activist tales to tell!

Balmain Institute Talk Transcript

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Given the limitations of time, Philip has had to leave out many incidents and events. For this, he offers his apologies. What he has provided is an overview of his 50 years in Balmain.