Nov 8, 2018: Prof. Jock Collins & Prof Carol Reid: Refugee Families in Australia


Refugee politics in Australia is the most divisive and controversial aspect of our immigration policy. Jock Collins and Carol Reid will present an overview of their current research through which members of 250 families from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan have been interviewed across the Eastern States.

Despite prejudice-flamed opinions to the contrary, their research suggests that new refugees are settling well into Australia, are very thankful to be here, are eager to contribute to our society, but employment remains a challenging issue.

Jock Collins is Professor of Social Economics at the UTS Business School. He has been conducting research on Australian immigration since the early 1970s.  He currently holds four Australian Research Council grants, two of which relate to refugee settlement in Australia.

Professor Jock Collins bio

Carol Reid is Professor of Sociology of Education in the Centre for Educational Research, Western Sydney University. For the last four decades she has been involved in education for culturally diverse populations. Her recent research focuses on the settlement of refugees, compulsory education for ethnic minorities in Sydney, and immigrant teachers in Australia. She has published six books and more than 80 articles on these topics.

Professor Carol Reid bio