Georgie Dent

Early childhood education: pathways to social and economic reform

Australia lags the developed world in educational outcomes, child wellbeing, women’s workforce participation and gender equity.

All this could be changed by creating a comprehensive and effective early childhood education and child care system. This would mean:

  1. Children would not be at risk of falling behind when they start at school
  2. Impediments to women’s labor force participation and career advancement would be greatly reduced

Inaccessible or unaffordable early childhood education and care adversely affects the daily lives of countless families.

In this presentation, Georgie Dent will explore why this policy transformation answers – at once – a number of Australia’s most pressing economic and social challenges.

About Georgie Dent

Georgie Dent is a writer, author, former lawyer and leading advocate for women’s empowerment, gender equality and families. She is the executive director of The Parenthood, a not-for-profit advocacy organisation representing 72,000 parents and carers around Australia, and a contributing editor of Women’s Agenda.
She is a regular television commentator on The Drum, The Project, The Today Show, ABC Breakfast News and has appeared on Q&A, Weekend Sunrise, Studio 10 and Sky News. Her best-selling memoir, Breaking Badly, was published by Affirm Press in May 2019. She lives in Sydney with her husband and their three daughters.

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